Our Umoja Family


Adam Andre

Vice President, PackHope | Business Development & Operations, Umoja Food For Health

Brent Douthit

Senior Vice President of Non-Profit and Government Business


Chris Clark

Regional Sales Manager | Northwest & Mid-South

Corporate Support

Unidad Logistics

Andrea Quintero

Warehouse Manager - Houston

Sanjay Naidu

Operations Manager - Woodland

Monserrath Covarrubias

Project Lead - Houston

Luis Morales

Warehouse Associate - Houston

Daniela Caldera

Customer Service Representative - Houston

Robert Chavez

Warehouse - Houston

Carlos Sotelo

Warehouse - Houston

Vilma Espinal

Inventory Manager - Houston

Ricardo Paz

Warehouse - Houston

Jose Alvarez

Warehouse - Houston

Kimberly Lopez

Line Lead - Woodland

Mike Hudson

Warehouse Specialist - Woodland