Food Banks & Hunger Relief

Webinar Series

Product Sneak Peek: Umoja's new webinar series is designed to introduce you to exciting new products, provide all the essential details, and give you access to great deals that will enhance your programs all in a quick 15-min format. Join us for Product Sneak Peek events throughout the year.

United in the fight to end food insecurity and hunger

At Umoja, we work to provide quality food and nutritional security with solutions tailored to meet the needs of your food bank or hunger-relief organization. We understand the unique challenges these organizations face today. Our team has been in your shoes, and they are here to help you make the most of your resources to feed your community.

With global sourcing capabilities, we offer a wide variety of products from everyday staple items to nutritionally focused, fortified foods. Our scalable solutions make us the perfect fit for small pantries and regional organizations through larger-scale state and national feeding initiatives.

At Umoja, we’re powering community networks with scalable supply chains, cutting-edge technology and an experienced team ready to help you make your dollar feed further.

Global Sourcing Capabilities

Our sourcing team can find any item, anywhere, ensuring you always have the products you need. With Umoja’s diversified supply chain solutions and network of manufacturing partners, we can bridge gaps on high-demand products including canned vegetables, milk, peanut butter, and more, as well as more unique items that are more challenging to source. Enjoy the advantage of our buying capacity and logistics expertise for the best possible price.

  • Canned entrees and ready-to-heat meals
  • Plant-based Protein products (meatless)
  • Pastas and pasta sauces
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruits
  • Canned proteins and fish
  • Fresh produce
  • Fresh proteins
  • Snacks
  • Dried goods including rice, cereals and legumes
  • Beverages and milk
  • Baking items
  • Pancake and Biscuit mixes
  • Pizza kits
  • Condiments
  • Household goods (non-food)
  • Hygiene products
  • Paper goods

Meal Boxes / Kits

Whether you’re sourcing components for your box build program or are looking for pre-assembled meal boxes, we have a solution for you. Umoja pantry-style meal kits are designed to promote essential wellness, address food insecurity and meet national nutritional guidelines. Meal boxes contain shelf-stable foods and are distribution-ready at delivery for easy disbursement by your team. Direct-to-home delivery is also available. We have a wide variety of menus and a great selection of products. Need to source components for your in-house box builds? We can help with that. Want to customize your meal box menu to meet specific needs? Speak with a member of our team to start building a program today.

Children’s Backpack Programs

USDA Reimbursable School Meals

Meals on Wheels and Senior Feeding

Family Feeding Programs

Medically-tailored Meals

Fresh / Pantry Boxes

Health & Hygiene

Produce Prescription Boxes

Culturally-tailored Meals

Our Brands

Introducing Umoja’s own Karibu brand and the Karibu Crew.

Karibu is Swahili for WELCOME.

Our Karibu brand presents carefully selected and crafted everyday products that deliver quality, value and care. Enjoy a wide variety of quality foods you can trust to make mealtime simple and delicious from vegetables to fruits, seafood, entrees, grains and more. We promise you will always feel at home with Karibu. WELCOME to our table.

Surveys and Insights

Knowledge is power. With our integrated survey tools, you can capture essential feedback from your community, allowing you to tailor your programs to meet the needs of the individuals and families you serve. What products do they like / don’t like or need / don’t need? Are there foods that are culturally significant to them? What is their level of food insecurity? All survey programs are secure and anonymous, carefully protecting the privacy of the individuals who participate. Multilingual services are available. Ask your Regional Sales Manager about designing a custom survey today.

A Message From Our Chair

Our chairman, Hugh Williams, has witnessed food insecurity firsthand. The impact of this profound experience is at the heart of Umoja’s mission and the tenacity with which we tackle food insecurity and hunger

Our Hunger Relief team is here to help your food dollar go further. With global sourcing capabilities, always in-stock essentials, distribution-ready kitting services, logistics expertise and more, we can tailor solutions to meet your food bank needs. Meet our hunger team and contact your Regional Sales Manager today.