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Sanjay Naidu

Operations Manager


Sanjay Naidu is the Operations Manager in our Woodland location. He brings over 12 years of transportation, logistics and warehouse experience with him. Having led multiple teams with a high success rate, he prides himself in his transformational leadership style. Through encouragement, emotional intelligence and motivation, Sanjay has displayed a unique talent to push his team out of the comfort zone and into higher levels of performance and achievement.

Prior to joining Umoja, Sanjay was a Transportation Director for a food distribution company. Overseeing six different territories spanning over three states he thrived with his capabilities to problem solve and always embraced a challenge as an opportunity. Starting his career as a commercial driver and climbing the ranks to warehouse supervisory roles and eventually leading the transportation division, Sanjay has worked every angle of this industry giving him a rare perspective on how to drive efficiency and effect positive changes in groups. His ability to create and build strong and successful teams proved to play a critical role in expansion and growth for multiple companies.