What We Do

We collaborate with food banks, health care providers and government entities to provide logistical support through sourcing, delivery, and procurement of nutritious and affordable food.

Hunger Relief

Taking a modern approach to tackling hunger, ensuring access to essential nutrition, and powering community networks with supply chain solutions, high quality foods and industry expertise
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Food For Health

At-home delivery of nutritious, tailored foods, and educational tools for the prevention or management of chronic conditions, improving overall health, and addressing SDoH
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Pack Hope

PackHope events are a fun, engaging activity for any corporation, group or organization looking for ways to give back to their community.
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Unidad Logistics

Turnkey, food-grade 3PL services from warehousing to inventory management, kitting, and fulfillment to support your business across the entire supply chain
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How We Do It

We’ve built a team of experts from a range of disciplines that will work with you to identify the issues and develop the most effective solutions.

Our expertise, sourcing and procurement capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and logistics capabilities allow us to flex and fit any need from small programs to global initiatives.

Our Impact

At Umoja, we are united in the drive for equity and access to quality food and health for all. Through our efforts each day, we are committed to ensuring we are making our mission a reality and impacting the lives of people, families and communities across our country.

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